Mandy Hayes-Chandler


As expected, September 6th’s Shipwreck Talk didn’t disappoint. With guest speaker Mandy Hayes-Chandler sharing her journey, there were tears, smiles, laughs, and cheers heard across the room. Although she is an awesome wife and mother, a successful professional, and entrepreneur, Mandy shared how her journey wasn’t the easiest. If you were able to attend, you know the wealth of information was priceless. If you couldn’t make it to this one, checkout the website above, there’s a Shipwreck Talk held every month.

Mandy’s six things to live by when shipping out on your dream:

1) Start with three to five goals.

2) Be authentic and enthusiastic when making connections.

3) Come from a place of abundance not desperation.

4) Lose the fear of rejection.

5) Be confident, which comes with being prepared.

6) Continue to look for ways to be better. Seek out someone who is where you want to be.

Guest speaker Mandy Hayes-Chandler

Guest speaker Mandy Hayes-Chandler

Heady and Mandy Hayes-Chandler

Heady and Mandy Hayes-Chandler

photo 3

Mandy Hayes-Chandler


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