Rudolph Tolar | Photographer

Rudolph Tolar

Rudolph Tolar

We had to interview PJ (Rudolph Tolar) due to the work he has put in as a photographer and his close connection to Guthrie Oklahoma. He graduated from a small college nearby called Langston University. We also believe other entrepreneurs can take a few pointers from PJ as well. His story is very inspirational. It was cool of him to grant us the opportunity to ask him a few questions to share with you. Here is to you reading, learning and being inspired.


You went to Langston University. That means you had to come over to Guthrie pretty regularly. What was your favorite thing about Guthrie?

Looking at the historical buildings and the friendly people in the community. Guthrie was the first stop we made on my way to Langston during my freshman year, with my mom and cousin, so Guthrie will always be a special place for me.

Do you ever come to Guthrie since graduating from Langston University?

Not as often as I should, since I live as close as Oklahoma City.

What has been the key to succeeding since graduating college?

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