Debate Night

Debate Night 2015

Still don’t know what DebateNightOKC is?

Well, let’s start with what it isn’t.

It isn’t Another group of social media activist trying to change the world from our tablets and smartphones. 

It isn’t just a group of people trolling in the comment section on BLOGS.

It isn’t just a chance to capture another selfie to upload with #THETURNUPWASREAL.

We are real people meeting up to have fun and discuss real concerns and create real solutions. 

Whenever someone rises up to discuss the current state of the  black community it usually involves a comparison of the young people of today and the young people of prior generations.
Well what about this generation? Are we all too busy drinking and partying to care about our futures and the plight of our communities? Of course not. With Debate Night OKC, we intend to link positive young African American adults with like-minded peers that are seeking to make permanent changes.

We are  a group of young people that are fed up with the way things have been going. We are taking organized, intelligent steps to create a remedy for our woes. No hate. No bigotry. Just planned productivity.

Will you help us break up the monotony of complacency?

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